Boarding House Construction: Countdown to Completion

Our team just finished a field trip to monitor the progress of the construction in Sinh Phinh 1 Primary School (Tua Chua district) firsthand. Despite the challenging terrain and logistical hurdles, significant progress has been made since the project's inception.

With just one month left until the completion of the construction, we're delighted to report that the boarding house, shower rooms, and dining area are taking shape beautifully. Soon, the students of Sinh Phinh 1 will have a safe and comfortable environment where they can stay, grow, and thrive.

Structural Framework

The framework of the building is taking shape, with sturdy pillars and beams rising against the backdrop of the majestic mountains. It's truly gratifying to see the vision of the boarding house coming to life, offering a beacon of hope for the local community.

Roof Installation

Roof installation is underway, protecting the interior of the building from the elements and providing a safe and conducive environment.. 

Community Engagement

The construction project has fostered a sense of collaboration within the community. Local volunteers and school staff have been actively involved in various aspects of the construction process.

Inauguration Ceremony on the Horizon

With the finish line in sight, we're eagerly preparing for the inauguration ceremony, where we'll come together to celebrate this significant milestone. 

We are delighted to present some snapshots from our recent visit, showcasing the remarkable strides made in the construction process:

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