From November 20 to 22, VFE embarked on a dynamic work trip to Dien Bien province, where the picturesque mountains served as the backdrop to a series of impactful initiatives. This journey was not just about ticking off tasks; it was a holistic experience that encompassed celebrating Vietnamese Teachers' Day.

Day 1: Honoring Educators and Connecting with Communities

The first day of our trip was dedicated to celebrating Vietnamese Teachers' Day, a poignant occasion to express our gratitude to the educators who play a pivotal role in shaping the future. We visited school sites in Tua Chua province, extending our deepest gratitude to the dedicated teachers who inspire, nurture, and uplift. As a token of appreciation, we gifted flowers —a symbol of the blossoming impact teachers have on their students and communities.

Day 2: Reinforcing Bridges with Local Partners

Our mission took a strategic turn on the second day as we engaged in crucial meetings with the Education and Training Department, the schools' board of director and relevant local officials. Collaborative discussions ensued as we worked towards a common goal – the initiation of a boarding house construction project in upcoming December. This project holds the promise of providing a conducive living environment for students, ensuring they have equitable access to education despite geographical challenges.

The energy in the meetings was palpable, reflecting the shared commitment to breaking down barriers and creating sustainable solutions for the communities we serve.

Day 3: Reflecting on Impact

As the trip approached its conclusion, we took a moment to revisit 2 projects - Nam Cum kindergarten and Pu Sua kindergarten, after six months of completion. This phase of the journey was not just about assessing structures but understanding the lasting impact on the kids and teachers we aimed to support. The physical infrastructure was a testament to the collaborative efforts, but the stories of transformation and empowerment resonated even more profoundly.

Six months post-implementation, we witnessed the tangible changes brought about by our collective endeavors. Students had access to better facilities (new classrooms, kitchen, playgrounds and toilets), teachers were equipped with resources, and the communities exhibited a newfound resilience. This retrospective assessment fueled our commitment to continual improvement and sustainable development.


The work trip was more than a series of tasks accomplished; it was a journey of purpose, collaboration, and impact. As we bid farewell to the majestic landscapes and resilient communities, we carry with us not just memories but a renewed sense of commitment to our mission.

Our experiences reinforce the belief that true transformation happens when we engage with communities, and work collaboratively towards sustainable education solutions. The journey continues, and we look forward to the ripple effects of our efforts manifesting in positive change for generations to come.