Ta Pao project is well maintained by the school

In early March, we had a trip to revisit our old project Ta Pao nursery school. Ta Pao is our second project in Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province with a new classroom and new kitchen.

Start using the new construction in February 2020, it’s been used for more than 3 years from the opening ceremony.

We are so happy and proud to see the result that the project in Ta Pao is doing well.

The classroom and other construction are very well maintained by the school. All the walls, windows, and rooms are carefully taken care of. The classroom is beautifully decorated. It’s very nice and in good condition for the kids for studying. We had a chance to speak with students and he expressed happiness and joy when learning in a permanent room. 

We are very happy to see the meaningfulness and efficiency of Ta Pao project. The project is successful in delivering VFE’s mission on education. We want to do our best to support the kids in having better studying conditions. We always follow the school and take care of the kids.