Project: Ta Pao nursery school site

  • Location: Tua Chua district
  • Time: Nov 2019 - Feb 2020
  • Status (updated): completed

Sinh Phinh is one of the poorest communes of Tua Chua District, Dien Bien Province. It is located about 15km from Tua Chua center. There are 18 villages with a population of 5179. 90% of the population are H’mong. Due to the sparse population and undeveloped economy, the commune has very low living standards.

Sinh Phinh commune has 04 schools including 01 nursery school, 02 primary schools, and 01 secondary school. Among them, the nursery school is in a very poor situation. The Sinh Phinh nursery school is established in 2007. The school has 28 staff including 3 staff of principal board, 22 teachers and 3 general staff. There are 8 school sites with 20 classrooms and 609 students currently attending the school.

Most of the school sites have very downgraded facilities that are unable to meet the student learning needs and standards. The Ta Pao is the most downgraded school sites among 8 school sites. The school site is located 6km from the commune center with 3 downgraded classrooms and 89 students.

Understanding the difficulties, VFE along with our partner – ABBank Vietnam decided to finance Ta Pao nursery school site project with the following categories:

  • Repair 01 current classroom
  • Rebuild 02 classrooms + 01 office
  • Rebuild 01 destroyed toilet
  • Rebuild 01 kitchen with food preparation area and serving area
  • Playground
  • School entrain
  • Fence and embankment


1. Original condition

2. In construction

3. New construction