Project: Pu Sua Nursery School Site


  • Location: Muong Ang district
  • Time: Dec 2022 - Feb 2023
  • Status (updated): completed

Background Information

Ang Cang commune is one of the poorest communes of Muong Ang District, Dien Bien Province. It is located about 11km from the district center. There are 18 villages with a population of 5179. 90% of the population are H’mong. Due to the sparse population and undeveloped economy, the commune has very low living standards.

Ang Cang commune has 04 schools including 01 nursery school, 02 primary schools, and 01 secondary school.

Pu Sua school site, Ang Cang nursery school

Ang Cang nursery school was established in 2004. The school consists of 01 center and 03 remote school sites.

The distance from Pu Sua school site to the district centre is 11 km, and to the main site is 10 km.

The school site has 02 classes with 51 children (01 class of 3-5 years old with 39 students, 01 kindergarten class of 24-36 months with 12 students).

Pu Sua has very downgraded facilities that are unable to meet the student learning needs and standards:

  • 01 semi-permanent classroom
  • 01 semi-permanent toilet
  • Bamboo fence.
  • The playground with no equipment
  • 1 small room is used as both a storeroom and a kitchen.

VFE Project 

Understanding the difficulties, VFE had carried out field assessments and then decided to finance Pu Sua school site with the following items: 
  • Repair 01 current classroom
  • Build 01 new classroom (with the kind support of our partner M-TP Entertainment)
  • Build 01 new toilet
  • Build 01 new kitchen with food preparation area and serving area
  • Playground
  • Other items: road embarkment, yard drainage system.
Throughout 2 months of project implementation, VFE project core team closely monitored to ensure the progress and quality of the construction. We appreciated the local cooperation in handling administrative procedures and updating on-site photos.

On February 28th, the inauguration was celebrated.


1. Original condition

2. In construction

3. New construction

       Inauguration in February 2023