Project: Nam Cum nursery school site


  • Location: Muong Ang district
  • Time: Feb 2023 - May 2023
  • Status: completed
  • Inauguration date: May 05 2023

Background Information

Ngoi Cay commune is one of the particularly difficult communes of Muong Ang District, Dien Bien Province. It is located about 20km from the district center. The whole commune has 08 villages, of which 02 are highland villages, with a total of 694 households with 3264 people with 3 ethnic groups. Due to the sparse population and undeveloped economy, the commune has very low living standards.

Ngoi Cay commune has 03 schools (01 kindergarten, 01 primary school and 01 secondary school). Among them, the nursery school is in a very poor situation.

Nam Cum school site, Ngoi Cay nursery school

Ngoi Cay nursery school was established in 2008. The total number of teachers and staff is 26 people (the Board of Directors 02; Teacher 15; Staff 09). There are 5 school sites.

Most of the school sites have very downgraded facilities that are unable to meet the student learning needs and standards. The Nam Cum is the most downgraded school sites among 5 school sites. The school site is located 6km from the commune center, with 3 classes and 57 students.

Nam Cum has very downgraded facilities that are unable to meet the student learning needs and standards:

  • 01 permanent classroom built in 2018,
  • 01 temporary classroom made of corrugated iron without a ceiling
  • The fence is a B40 mesh
  • The playground has been partially cemented
  • The kitchen is made of temporary corrugated iron; thus very low, smokey and cramped

VFE Project 

VFE had carried out field assessments and then decided to finance Nam Cum nursery school site.with the following items: 
  • Build 01 new classroom
  • Build 01 new toilet
  • Build 01 new kitchen with food preparation area and serving area
  • Playground
  • New fence
Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to complete the project in one go. The contract was signed in early February (after Lunar New Year). The time of construction is 60 days. Its progress was closely monitored by us to ensure that time schedules, quality specifications and cost calculations are adhered to.


1. Orginal condition

2. In construction 

3. New construction