Project: Hua Muc 2 primary school site


  • Location: Tuan Giao district
  • Time: Oct - Nov 2018
  • Status (updated): completed

Hua Muc 2 is one of the most difficult school sites of Pu Xi primary school. The school site is near the top of the mountain with 56 students from grade 1 to 5. All of the students here are Mong ethnic. There are 68 households in Hua Muc 2 village and in which there are 62 households are in poverty.

There are four boarding teachers working in Hua Muc 2 school site. Due to the bad and muddy road,  the teaches only come back to visit their family at weekend.

At present, Hua Muc 2 school site has four classrooms with 2 concreted classrooms and 2 temporary rooms made of wood. The four classrooms do not have enough space for all students, therefore, students in grade 3 and 4 have to share one classroom. The two concreted classrooms were built in 2006 and now in deteriorated condition. The two wooden temporary rooms are small and in very bad conditions.

The school site is 50 km far from the district center with an extremely 12 km of bad road. The
road is dangerous and slippery, especially in rainy days.

In VFE’s field trips to visit the Hua Muc 2 school site, we are so sympathetic with the difficulty of teachers and students. That is the reason we decided to choose and support the school site to having better facilities condition for kids and teacher.

Our project in Hua Muc 2 consists of 03 teacher rooms, one toilet and shower, one kitchen, a green library, the fence, playground, gate and gate board, and an electrical system. We also help the school by providing materials to refurbish the two old concrete classrooms. The teachers and local parents will contribute to clearance the ground, preparing for the construction and joining in renew the old classrooms. In this project, VFE also connected a sponsor who will support two new classrooms.

The project was started on 15 October. It will take 45 days to complete our project in Hua Muc 2 primary school site. This is the fourth project of VFE in Tuan Giao district of Dien Bien province. For the time being, we approach more and more the needy school sites that are very far away from the center.


1. Original condition

2. In construction

3. New construction

Inauguration in November 2018