Project: Hoang Cong Chat primary school


  • Location: Dien Bien district
  • Status (updated): FUNDING
  • Goal: USD 43,000

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Background Information

Noong Het commune is an administrative unit with a total natural area of 1297 ha. The whole commune has more than 3000 households, about 9156 people. The area is large, but the population is not concentrated, including a number of ethnic groups living together in which: Kinh people account for over 50%; other ethnic groups account for nearly 50%. 

The awareness of a part of the people about education is still limited. They have not paid much attention to their children's learning, and they still consider education as the responsibility of school solely, so effective coordination has not been achieved. Many children live with relatives/ grandparents as their parents work far away or serve sentence.  

Poor households: 10,23% 

The commune has 04 schools: 02 kindergartens, 02 primary schools, 01 secondary school 

Hoang Cong Chat primary school

Hoang Cong Chat primary school was established in 2001.  The school is 8 km from the district centre. 

The total number of teachers and staff is 23 people (the Board of Directors: 02; Teachers: 17; Staff: 04). There are 10 classes with 297 students in the school year 2022- 2023. In the next school year, the number is estimated to increase to 12 classrooms – 315 students due to the growth of the population in the coming years. 50% of students are from ethnic minorities. 

Concerning facilities, the school includes: 

•  11 permanent classrooms: 6 main classrooms, 5 rooms for supplementary subjects

•  No kitchen -> 25 students living far from school bring their lunch 

Needs for construction

New construction of a 2-storey building of 6 classrooms (3 rooms for each floor). The area of each room is 60 m2


The current classrooms is small and cramped

The area for construction of new 2- storey building

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