Project: Hang Sung 2 nursery school site

  • Location: Tua Chua district
  • Time: Jun - Aug 2019
  • Status (updated): completed

Hang Sung school site is one of six small school sites of Ta Phin nursery school in Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province. The school is located in a small and poor village in inhabited by Mong ethnic – Hang Sung 2 village in Ta Phin commune. The distance from the school site to Tua Chua district center is 27km.

Currently, the school has 49 children of age 3-4 (in which, 28 kids in age 3 and 21 kids in age 4). All children are Mong ethnic. About 30 children in the age of 2 still have not been to school yet because the school doesn’t have enough classrooms for the kids. The 5-year-old children are studying on the campus of a nearby primary school. At present, there are three teachers taking care of the kids at the school site. There will be one more teacher joining next school year.

The facilities at the school site still have many shortcomings. The two concrete classrooms built in 2000 are now seriously degraded: moldy walls, stucco, and paint have a lot of peeling and holes.
The school has no kitchen and no toilet. Teachers and children are using a temporary toilet made from a roof sheet and an old tent. Because of not having a kitchen, the school cannot cook for the kids to have lunch at the moment. The playground of the school site has no concrete yard. It’s very muddy and dirty in rain season.

Understanding the difficulties of the school site, VFE has decided to finance the construction with the following items:
• 1 new classroom (36m2)
• A toilet
• A kitchen and an eatting area.
• A concrete playground (171 m2)
• Refurbishing the two old classrooms.

The new classroom will help 30 kids in the age of two being able to attend school. The kids will have a healthier environment to study and care of enthusiastic teacher. The toilet, kitchen and the concrete playground will provide the basic facility needed to study successfully.

Hang Sung 2 nursery school site is our first project in Tua Chua district of Dien Bien province. By working very closely with the Foreign Affair Department of Dien Bien province, VFE is expanding activity to more and more needy areas in Dien Bien province to support more kids to have better studying condition. At present, we are looking for a suitable contractor to start the construction in the school site. And we expect that construction will start in early June 2019.


1. Original condition

2. In construction

3. New construction

Inauguration in August 2019